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Dual Pull Out Trash and RecycleDual Pull Out Trash and Recycle
Single Pull Out Trash and RecycleSingle Pull Out Trash and Recycle
Coyote Pull Out Ice ChestCoyote Pull Out Ice Chest
Smoker TubeSmoker Tube
Sale price$39.00
Smoker TubeCoyote Reviews
Wind Guard for 42" Grill
Wind Guard for 36" Grill
Wind Guard for 34" Grill
Wind Guard for 28" Grill
Stainless Steel Island Vent
Signature Grates 3 pk - C1C34 & C1SL36Signature Grates 3 pk - C1C34 & C1SL36
Signature Grates 3 pk - C1C28 & C1SL42Signature Grates 3 pk - C1C28 & C1SL42
Wok Accessory
Sale price$159.00
Wok AccessoryCoyote Reviews
Teppanyaki Griddle Accessory
NG Regulator Kit
LP Regulator Kit
Pizza Stone
Sale price$89.00
Pizza StoneCoyote Reviews
Insulated Jacket for Power Burner C1PB
Insulated Jacket for Double Side Burner C1DB
Insulated Jacket for 42" Grill
Insulated Jacket For 36" Pellet Grill
Insulated Jacket for 36" Grill
Insulated Jacket for 34" Grill
Insulated Jacket for Single Side Burner C1SB
Coyote Drop In CoolerCoyote Drop In Cooler
C1FTG30 Conversion Kit LP to NG
50" Ceramic Flavorizer (2 pc set)
42" Ceramic Flavorizer (5 pc set)
36" Ceramic Flavorizer (4 pc set)
34" Ceramic Flavorizer (3 pc set)
28" Ceramic Flavorizer (2 pc set)
Charcoal Trays 1 pc - C1C34 & C1SL36Charcoal Trays 1 pc - C1C34 & C1SL36
Charcoal Trays 1 pc - C1C28 & C1SL42Charcoal Trays 1 pc - C1C28 & C1SL42
Griddle for all C1 + C2 GrillGriddle for all C1 + C2 Grill
C1S36 & C1HY50 Conversion Kit
C1C28 NG to LP Conversion Kit
C1C28 LP to NG Conversion Kit
In-Line Convertible LP / NG Regulator
20 lb Lump Hardwood Charcoal
Asado Heat Deflector